Our family

Our family
June 2011

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Crazy Weekend

Warning:  This post will contain too much information about throw up and poop.  However, if you have kids or pets you will not find it too disgusting.  Well, maybe you will....

Saturday, I took Tamara to the Convenient Care to get a sports physical for school.  We were there for 2 hours and I had to leave to go get the kids up from nap. My cousin's son Jacob was staying here while we were gone.  So I loaded up the kids at 2:45 and we went to get her.  We got back around 3:30.  When I got home, there was a very strong smell of poop.  Lucy, our 4 year old mini dachsund, got into one of Sam's poopy diapers.  Yep, she ate poop.  How disgusting is that? 

Ok, so the day went on.  We ate dinner.  Lucy ate some of the scraps that the kids threw on the floor.  Yes, I said threw.  My kids "occasionally" throw their food on the floor.  We ate around 5:30.  Nick was working all day.  He worked form 9-7.  About 7 we are sitting in the family room and Lucy starts to throw up.  Usually when she throws up she dry heaves and throws up a very tiny amount.  Well, she started throwing up all this brown, nasty stuff on our dry clean only rug.  I pick her up in a panic and throw her on the coffee table.  (Why, I dont' know)  She jumps on our new, leather sectional and pukes more in the corner of it.  Tons of brown, poopy puke is all over the place.  I get out the carpet shampooer and start to clean it up.  I'm trying to get the kids out of the way.  I'm crying and having a pity party.  I throw Lucy outside and she pukes even more.  Poor Marley was upset that I was crying and she almost started crying.  Who knows what Tamara was thinking through all of this! 

Nick got home during the clean up process.  He entertained the kids while I scrubbed the floors and furniture.  What a mess!!  Lesson learned for me.  Even though I bag all of the diapers, sometimes I don't get them outside to the trash until the end of the day.  Lucy dug in a closed bag to get the diaper.  From now on I am going to be more careful about where I put things. 

Lucy didn't die.  I thought she would after eating all that.  It's crazy what pet owners go through for their beloved pets. 

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


I am so glad that fall is finally here!  It has been nice to take the kids outside to play.  Tonight we are taking the whole crew down to the fall festival.  This will be the first time that the twins will get to eat the food.  I've been talking it up to Tamara.  I'm curious to see what she will think about it.  I am also looking forward to meeting the Duncans.  They have a little girl that was born with vasa previa.  (That is the reason for Peyton's death) I'm excited to meet Kylee, Krystal and Doug. 

Marley is completely potty trained.  I plan on starting Sam this week.  I'm also helping Jenny with Daisy on the days she is here.  I will be glad when all 3 are trained and I don't have to worry about accidents. 

Nick is busy with work.  He is busy selling furniture and is helping my aunt Kim with some jobs for Action.  So when Nick is busy things are extra challenging around here.  We will just have to adjust to the new schedule. 

Our week is pretty full right now.  We go to the Y 3 mornings a week.  We go to BSF on Wednesday mornings.  BSF stands for Bible Study Fellowship.  We meet at CFC.  We are studying Isaiah.  The kids are really liking going this year.